14 Incredibly Useful Designer Innovation You Will Definitely Want For Yourself

Every person has its own wishes and its own needs but the creative designers and innovators always can surprise us with their innovations that seems like they are made just like our wish.
Below you can find a super amazing collection of innovations that are definitely made like the most common wishes of the population. The designers maybe can read our mind or just they are simply clever. Take a look and enjoy!

How to take perfect pictures with your dog

wc 1 source

The anti-stress ball with zoom effect

wc 2 source

The universal cover

wc 3 source

A window-balcony

wc 4 source

The mattress that lets you cuddle properly

wc 5 source

Nameless paints

wc 6 source

The wooden bottle

wc 7 source

An amazing chandelier

wc 8 source

the world’s first mouldable glue that turns into rubber.


Chairs inspired by Picasso

wc 9 source

The universal lamp

wc 10 source

Umbrellas with a hidden pattern

wc 11 source

The Moon lamp

wc 12 source

A chair for a large family

wc 13 source

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