12 Super Creative Husbands Who Have A Brilliant Sense Of Humor

Living your life with your loved one is probably fun and i ‘ m sure that everyone of you is happy but these pictures below will make your day. Some husbands are creative on their own hilarious way. Watch below and enjoy!

1.When you ask your husband to help with the laundry

xa 1 source

2.When he packs you lunch

xa 2 source

3.The most touching declaration of eternal love ever

xa 3 source

4.When he is not supposed to be drinking beer

xa 4 source

5.When you finally find his stash

xa 5 source

6.’’I was a bit upset about my weight, but then I found a note from my husband.’’

xa 6 source

7.’’My wife wanted jewelry for Christmas… I guess she won’t be too happy’’

xa 7 source

8.When you leave him with children at home

xa 8 source

9.When you ask him to put spaghetti on the stove

xa 9 source

10.’’I asked my husband, who is 1.5 times as tall as me, to hang the mirror in the bathroom’’

xa 10 source

11.’’I asked my husband to thoroughly whip the cream, and I came to the kitchen because I heard a strange noise…’’

xa 11 source

12.When romance is definitely his forte

xa 12 source

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