12 Super Useful DIY Kitchen Upgrades That Can Make A Huge Difference

If you are refreshing your home and you need some ideas you are on the right place. If it is time to make a few updates in your kitchen then you definitely need to see these absolutely clever ideas below. A few easily and simply tips could make really huge difference in your kitchen. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Use a roll of chalkboard paper to make a custom measuring chart

mv 1 source

2. Tile decals are an easy and removable way to change up your backsplash

mv 2 source

3.Or simply change your switch plates.

mv 3 source

4.Upgrade boring cabinets with quick molding and a new stain.

mv 4 mv 5 source

5.Use a DIY countertop kit to re-do old counters.

mv 6 mv 7 source

6.Give your faucet a facelift with a coat of bronze spray paint.

mv 8 mv 9 source

7.Nudge two kitchen carts together for a brand-new counter, instantly.

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8. If you want more storage without having to sacrifice floor space, turn an old door into an easy-access kitchen organizer.

mv 11 source

9.You can also use this technique to make an accent wall. (This is covered with tempered glass to protect it from the stove’s flames.)

mv 12 source

10.Paint or swap out your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls

mv 13 source

11.Use contact paper and gaffer’s tape to make your toe kick pop.

mv 14 source

12.If you can’t paint your cabinets, a layer of removable contact paper can do wonders for them.

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