9 Ingeniously Useful Things You Didn’t Know Your Closet Needed

Hey friends if you like to control the clutter in your home you will need some fresh ideas. We have found a few tips and hacks how how to organize your closet and keep your home clutter free forever.
Grab some new ideas how to organize your shoes, your clothes scarves and so on and so on. Take a look below and enjoy in organized home.

1.A bookcase disguised as custom built-in shoe shelves

mx 1 source

2.Non-slip flocked hangers to keep all of your tank tops in check.

mx 2 source

3.Pool noodles covered in fabric that will keep your boots standing straight.

mx 3 source

4.A circular belt hanger can keep all your belts in order and accessible — without the danger of all of them falling off when you go to pick out one belt.

mx 4 source

5.Valet hooks can also disguise themselves as rod space

mx 5 source

6.If you have lots of tights, a row of clothespins can make them easy to find (and put away).

mx 6 source

7. Condiment trays from the dollar store make great drawer dividers.

mx 7 source

8.A magazine rack can make the back of your door do double duty.

mx 8 source

9.And if you have shelf space, paper towel holders make good bracelet and belt organizers, and magazine file boxes can keep small leather goods in order.

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