13 Funny Photos That Won’t Make Sense If You Are An Only Child

Having brother/sister it a real bless these are the persons who you trust them and who you love them much. During the childhood and ever after getting a bit older, living together with your brother or sister is always followed by funny things and debates.
In this article there are 12 funny photos that prove this. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.When your sibling takes the seat you were literally ~just~ in.

jr 1 source

2.When you need a hero.

jr 2 source

3. When you say you’re getting in the shower but your sibling’s like: “Nope, I’m showering first!”

jr 3 source

4.When your mum calls you all the other names in your family before getting yours right.

jr 4 source

5.When you have to share some food.

jr 5 source

6.When you do something wrong and your sibling gets the blame for it.

jr 6 source

7.When you have to get into a full-on war for the front seat every single car journey.

jr 7 source

8.When you can’t agree on what to watch.

jr 8 source

9.When your mum buys you something and tells you not to tell your siblings.

jr 9 source

10.When you’re going through your sibling’s stuff and hear them coming upstairs.

jr 10 source

11.When your mum is lecturing your brother over something you did and you are watching trying to act like you innocent

jr 11 source

12.When your siblings are pissing you off but your parents are in the room

jr 12 source

13. When you take the remote out of the room with you so your sibling can’t change the channel


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