14 Brain Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Empty Shampoo Bottles Into Convenient Crafts

Time for crafting! If you have enough time for fun and posses creativity in yourself, it is perfect time to spend some hours on doing creative, decorative, useful and helpful items, and in the same time be in use for the environment.  We will present in this post some pretty interesting and adorable ideas and projects how to reuse the empty plastic bottles used to package common products like shampoo, beauty, lotion ,conditioner or body wash and we all have plenty from those in our homes . There are really loads of options to re purpose them in a beautiful, unique, functional and practical piece. If you are interested about DIY projects and ideas and you have dozens of old shampoo bottles, don’t throw away it and check out these 14 brainy ways to reuse and re purpose the humble plastic bottles into convenient crafts, from useful storage and home decor, clever home hacks to funny toys for your kids. With fun and enjoyment turn that old shampoo bottles into new and out of the ordinary crafts that is perfect for you and everyone in the home. Try to make case for your sunglasses, mobile phone or keys; paint them in lovely vase for your flowers or make cute pencil holders.


1. A sunscreen bottle as safe place  for use at the beach

bottle 1source

2. DIY sink saddle Caddy

bottle 2source

3. Cute little bags

bottle 3source

4. Creative bathroom storage

bottle 4source

5.  Eco-friendly  caddy to hold your items

bottle 5source

6. Cheap storage bins

bottle 6source

7.  Useful mobile holder

bottle 7source

8. Adorable pencil holders

bottle 8source

9. Practical use in the kitchen

bottle 9source

10. Hygiene box

bottle 10source

11.  Tissue paper holder

bottle 11source

12. Unique flower vase

bottle 12source

13. Sailboat for little kids

bottle 13source

14. Mom hack for little hands in the kitchen

bottle 14source



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