14 Easy-To-Make DIY Terracotta Clay Pots

Those who have a garden know all the benefits of relaxation while sitting and admiring the plants that they nurture themselves. But it is an even greater pleasure in the garden to create a unique atmosphere. You can do a lot in your garden to enjoy and admire it even more. Interesting lanterns, chairs, planters, terracotta clay pots… all that can adorn your garden.

For some, it is enough to plant plants at this time of year, but creatives will certainly want to do something more. You can make a lot of beautiful things for your garden and terrace completely by yourself. Simple wall lamps, useful sprinklers, hanging pots and many other cute and useful details that require just a little creativity. It doesn’t always take a lot of money to beautify a yard but it certainly requires time and will. However, a few simple tricks can transfoerm the overal look of your yard. Use these ideas for cheap yard decorations and to create the perfect oasis to enjoy.

DIY projects for your garden

This time of year is perfect for gardening – to begin to see the garden sections and nurseries starting to fill with new merchandise for the spring. It is not early but even if you think that it is, here are still some wonderful refreshing DIY projects for your garden. A flowerpot is always a beautiful decoration in the home and in the yard. Especially if you love flowers and when you know how to decorate it. No matter how beautiful and attractive a flower is, if it is not in the right pot, it will not have its full beauty. Mostly a big problem are small flowers, for which you can’t always find suitable pots. But there is always a way to create something unique and remarkable.

DIY Terracotta Clay Pots

So we suggest you to start with a clay pots. There are a very cool terracotta clay pots that can make your garden much more interesting and beautiful. Certainly, terracotta flower pots are fairly inexpensive, compared to the faux plastic look-a-likes. Even though they are simple and plain, there are plenty of ways to spice them up. Bellow you could see 15 creative and fun ideas that can be your inspiration. Enjoy!

Clay Pot Critters


Clay Pot Wreath


Clay Pot People


Broken Pots Miniature Fairy Garden


Ombre Stenciled Flower Pots


Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs


 Clay Pot LightHouse


Clay Pot Bird Bath


Homemade Flower Pot Bird Bath


Flower pot Bird-Feeder


Clay Flower Pot Candle Holder and Flower Pot in One


Clay Pot Snail with FolkArt Paint


Happy Frog Gardener


Clay Flower Pot Garden Lights


Clay Flower Pot Watchdog


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