15 Amazing Household Items With Hidden Genius Uses That Will Simplify Your Life – It Is Time To Hack Them All

Hey folks we are happy to share with you truly awesome hacks that you have maybe never hear about but that will make your life better. Currently every item in your house have only one singular purpose. But can you imagine that the most of the things that you already have have another different use. There are a lot of useful tips around the internet that show us how to use the current household items for simplifying your life. We have tried to collect and to share with you the best in our opinion and we think that they will be very very useful for all.

Rubber gloves

works great for opening tough jar lids, giving you the friction you need


 Bread tags

Use it for label your cords and keep them neat


Clear nail polish

Clear nail polish is good for reinforcing things, including the screws on eyeglasses and loose buttons


Prewash laundry spray

Laundry spray is also good for getting off tough stickers or adhesives.

Legacy of Clean laundry prewash spot remover spraysource

Shower curtain hooks

They’re perfect for scarves or belts


 Large paper clip

Unfold clip into an S; hook one end through the jump ring and hold the other end. Then bring the clasp around to latch.


Emery board

Perfect for gently buffing out scuff marks on suede8source

Makeup brush

soft brushes are perfect for dusting between computer keys. Just make sure they’re clean of any makeup first 🙂



Use buttons to pair earrings, especially small ones


Plastic water bottle

Squeeze a bottle and then use it like a vacuum to separate eggs – easy and mess free way


Rubber band

A rubber band around a paint can makes a good excess paint scraper1source

Drinking straw

Thread a necklace through a straw to prevent tangling2source

Multi-level hanger

Perfect jewelry organizer


Safety pin

safety pin on the inside of trouser legs will prevent static cling.


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