15 Smart and Extremely Helpful Ways To Childproof Your Home

When You become a parent your child is most important thing in your life and you are ready to do anything to see them smile happy and safe. Almost all parents are making a few change at the home when the child is born just to make the home more childproof because you know there are a lot of energy in the kids when they are too young and they do not understand what is around them. Everything what the kids see is one big playground and they want to touch everything and to play with everything.
To keep them more safe we have made a collections with the most amzing and useful tips that will help you a lot. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Quickly Toddler Proof the Toilet Paper!

kk 1 source

2.DIY No-Sew Door Muff

kk 2 source

3.Faux Stacked Log Fireplace Facade

kk 3 source

4.Homemade Baby Gate

kk 4 source

5.Baby Bath Gate (keeps them away from faucet)

kk 5 source

6.Pool Noodle Door Stop

kk 6 source

7.Keep a Door Open With Rubber Bands

kk 7 source

8.Homemade Gripper Socks

kk 8 source

9.Cabinet Locks for Knobs

kk 9 source

10.Fridge Lock (from a Command Strip and Rubber Bracelet)

kk 10 source

11.Clear Silicone Corner Covers

kk 11 source

12.Crib Railing Teething Guard

kk 12 source


kk 13 source

14.Silicone Cup Toppers

kk 14 source

15.Condiment Cup Pacifier Holder

kk 15 source

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