16 Intelligent And Incredibly Creative Ideas Which Took Advertising To A Whole New Level

One picture can tell much much more than a few thousand words especially if the picture has creative and ingenious message.
In the advertising industry this is the same an always those ingenious photos and ideas attract much more attention. The creativity has no limit and personally when i have notice these pictures below really blow my mind. This is true creativity one unique way to share message i m so so impressive. Watch below and see for what i m talking about. Enjoy!

1.The best way to begin something is start with a cup of coffee…

lr 1


2.Play-Doh plasticine helps develop kids’ imagination

lr 2 source

3.Maybe, the best hair coloring ads I’ve ever seen.

lr 3


4.The perfect way to market the small yet spacious Honda Fit

lr 4 source

5.Knives made by WMF are sharper than you think…

lr 5


6.A party for your stomach, from Barilla

lr 6


7.Perfect eye sight for those who shop online for glasses at Keloptic

lr 7


8.Mugs of beer on tree trunks in honour of Oktoberfest

lr 8 source

9.Clever Bus Straps Ad for IWC Big Pilot’s Watch

lr 9



10.How to park relying entirely on sound, from Mercedes-Benz

lr 10 source

11.An advertisement for Heinz ketchup

lr 11


12.Another great idea…

lr 12 source

13.Volkswagen Park Assist Technology

lr 13 source

14.A really creative idea for beach shower stalls…just fantastic!

lr 14


15.The air is fresher than on the street with air-con from Panasonic

lr 15 source

16. Painted truck optical illusion


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