20 Cool Tree Houses Around the Globe

A small cool tree house is a dream of almost every child. If there is a big tree in your backyard, why not revive it? The child will have his loving “secret” place. As a result, it will spend time in the fresh air with great pleasure. In addition, tree houses develop imagination, independence, and even sociability. Children will be happy to invite “guests” into their place.

How to make a house on trees? There are three realistic possibilities for this now: Build a wooden house with your own hands from scratch. Buy a ready-made house and assemble it yourself. Order ready with delivery and installation. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. The third option is the most expensive, but you will be without obligations.

Choosing the right cool tree house

If you opt for making a cool tree house by yourself, you need to consider the foloowing things. First, it requires a certain set of tools. Than the ability to own them, and to calculate how much weight a tree can withstand. In the end comes the need to choose the right materials. Again – it is difficult to take into account all the requirements, including those related to security.

Another option is a ready-made set of high-quality materials. Another plus of this method is to make a tree house with your own hands. Drawings and instructions that come with the kit, will help you in that. They are easy to read by non-specialists and tell you step by step in which order you should do the job. As a result, you will get cool tree house for your kids. Think carefully and choose one of these options.

Important things you need to consider

If you have built a tree house for children, than consult with them how to decorate it inside. There you can set a table and chairs, or a small bed, for instance. Or you can decorate it thematic. It all depends on the imagination of the children and your abilities. Only one important condition must be met – there should be no such objects in the house that can catch fire. Because of that, completely eliminate candles and and opther dangerous things. Most importantly- entrust running electricity in such a wooden building to professionals. You can also install a high-quality automatic machine that will turn off the electricity, in case of a short circuit.

If you are a fun of a tree houses or maybe you like to build one, than you must check out the photos bellow. You can enjoy in the beauty and feel like you are in the forest.

tree_house_06 tree_house_16 tree_house_26

tree_house_01 tree_house_02 tree_house_04 tree_house_05 tree_house_13 tree_house_14 tree_house_17 tree_house_18 tree_house_19 tree_house_22 tree_house_24 tree_house_27 tree_house_38

fairy-tale-houses-25 tree_house_40source



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