20 Creative and Easy Kid-Friendly Drawings That Are Made With Numbers As A Base

A great way to merge the interest in mathematics and art! Plus, who everyone wants to know this trick and to share with friends. Only need to know the basic numbers to draw a duck, shark, rabbit and even koala.

It is not at all difficult, so that the youngest can gladly try. Take a look below and enjoy!

emg 1 source

emg 2  source

emg 3  source

emg 4  source

emg 5  source

emg 6  source emg 7  source emg 8  source emg 9  source emg 10  source emg 11  source emg 12  source emg 13  source emg 14  source emg 15  source emg 16  source emg 17  source emg 18  source emg 19  source emg 20  source

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