Eight Facts You Didn’t Know About Royal Weddings During The Past

Royal weddings are events that have been spoken long before and after them. The eyes of the whole world is  directed to these kind of events, and that is why events like the wedding of Princess Diana, The wedding of William and Kate, the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan , that took place this Saturday, are events that everybody events to hear details about. Below we will gather some of the most interesting details about the royal weddings during the past years.

1. The wedding of Harry and Megan was not considered a national holiday.

The same happened with the Queen’s  Wedding . Normally, the royal wedding is a holiday day of work called the celebration of the British. Why? This is mainly so that anyone who wants to have the chance to look at the future king of England can do so without worrying about his work. Charles and Diana had a holiday, as well as William and Kate. Oddly, but Queen Elizabeth and Megan did not have a holiday day. Here is the reason: Obviously, the tradition was still lacking when Elizabeth and Philip said YES, and given that Harry is not a direct line to the throne, his 19 May wedding does not require a day off.

2.The queen’s engagement ring was made of royal Tiara diamonds.

The Queen uses diamonds from Tiara that belonged to Prince Philip’s mother. Princess Diana’s ring was a 12-carat sapphire worth $ 500,000. (The one Kate still carries today). As for Megan, Harry offered her a ring with a large central diamond from Botswana, plus two smaller diamonds on both sides, from Diana’s personal collection.


3.Harry and Megan had the least guest

Megan’s and Harry’s wedding leads the ranks for the least guests at a royal wedding with their modest list of just 600 invited guests at the St. George Chapel at Windsor Castle. This is compared to Kate’s wedding (which was attended by 1900 guests), the Queen (she swore in the presence of 2000) and Diana (last but not least, inviting 3500 guests).


4. Queen Elizabeth’s cake was almost 3 meters tall

It had 4 levels, each covered with fruit and glaze, and the total weight of the huge cake was 500 kilograms.



 5. Megan and Harry have broken the tradition, and their wedding does not have a fruit cake.

It is been a tradition during the past decades to have fruit cake on a royal wedding. But, Prince Harry and Megan broke this tradition and didn’t have a fruit cake on their wedding. Instead, the royal bride chooses lemon and dessert cream on her big day.

6. Will and Kate’s wedding took the most time to plan

This may surprise you, but it turns out that Kate Middleton is the most demanding bride, spending six months to get all the logistics details before she says “YES.” For reference, Queen Elizabeth planed her wedding only four months, Princess Diana took only five months, and Megan and Harry made it for five and a half months.



7. The wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was the most expensive

The bigger the guest list, the higher the price, right? That’s why it makes sense only for Diana’s wedding in 1981 to cost the royal family nearly $ 110 million. Kate, on the other hand, spent $ 34 million when she married Prince William at the Westminster Abbey, and Megan spends about $ 45 million to marry Prince Harry this month. The quotes for the price of the wedding of the Queen and Prince Philip are unknown.

 8. Princess Diana was the youngest bride

Princess Diana was only 20 years old when she married Prince Charles. Queen Elizabeth waited a little more mature – she married Prince Philip at the age of 25 while Kate was 29 when she married William, and Megan is 36 years old when she walks along the Harry path.


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