7 Common Shower Habits You Need To Stop Doing Immediately

Probably the best relaxation for all of us is a good shower. The feeling after getting out of the shower is not explainable and there is no person who isn’t relaxed and refreshed after it. Many of us probably have habbit to get shower every day or maybe sometime twice a day but is it normal or is it good for us. Maybe you think that you are doing the same rotine every day and nothing happend but you probably are making some mistakes while getting a shower and you should stop immediately. Watch the common mistakes below and see why

Showering in hot water

Hot water strips your skin of its natural defenses and can make some skin conditions worse.


Taking long showers

Spending too much time in the shower could make your skin dry


Leaving your loofah behind

Warm and wet environment is the best place for bacteria so better after your shower, wring it out and hang it up in a dry spot.


Scrubbing too hard

exfoliating is all well and good, but you only need to do it about once a week


Washing your hair every day

With everyday washing you just washing away your hair’s natural oils and drying it out


Trying to get another use out of an old razor

dull razors cause nicks and host bacteria and it is not recommended to use it more than once


Not ending with a burst of cold water

Just a 30-second blast after your warm shower can increase your tolerance to stress, strengthen your immune system, and have anti-depressant effects.


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