7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for winter

When the sun is out and the weather is fine, it’s easy to feel invincible; like all of those worries that you had earlier in the year can be put to one side.

The reality, however, is that your home needs proper care at all times. And, if routine maintenance is easy during the warmer months, why wait until the Winter to get your house in tip top condition? Start preparing for Winter now, so that when it does get here, you can focus on finding the perfect outfit for all of those fancy parties.


These hints and tips will help you prepare your home for winter, without breaking the bank.

  1. Install Outdoor Heating

If you love using your garden for open air dinners and gatherings with friends, there’s no reason to stop when it gets a little colder. If you invest in outdoor heating, you’ll always have a space that is warm, cosy, and comfortable. Plus, if you pick your brand and model carefully, it could actually add to the resale value of your home.

  1. Switch Up Bedding

Regardless of location, Winter can still be jarring if temperatures fall quickly. You can help your home (and body) prepare by keeping a separate set of winter bedding stashed away in a cupboard. Then, you can easily switch it with the summer stuff just before the winter hits. Make sure that your winter sheets are thicker and fluffier for extra comfort.

  1. Clean the Gutters

Gutters should be routinely cleaned throughout the year, so before winter arrives, take some time to check them out and clear any dirt and debris. You can, of course, get a specialist or expert to do this for you if you’re not comfortable clambering around up high. If you are determined to do the job yourself, make sure that your ladder is stable and in good condition.

  1. Repair Window Holes

The drop in temperature that follows the arrival of winter leaves many homeowners wishing they’d kept up with regular maintenance. Even tiny details, like the little holes that form in degraded window seals, can make a house cold and its inhabitants shivery. They’re really easy to fix too; just window caulk and plug up all holes. Use the back of your hand to feel for draughts from holes that might not be visible to the eye.If you notice gaps around the window frames, granitefoundationrepair.com warns you might have bigger issues and to call a professional to inspect your home foundation.

  1. Empty the Swimming Pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a private pool in the back yard, it will need to be emptied if you’re not planning to use it for a significant length of time. There are some Aussies who choose to use their pools all year round, but most put them into ‘winter mode.’ Invest in a robust cover to prevent leaves and debris from building up in the bottom. Removing all of this dirt and grime in the spring can be a troublesome job, so avoid it altogether.

  1. Reverse Ceiling Fans

Once the days have started to grow colder, turn the switch on your ceiling fans into reverse. This is a really clever trick that prompts the fans to start pushing warm air down into the room, rather than pulling it up and out. It’s a useful way to stay cosy and it will help you save on your heating bills.

  1. Embrace the Seasons

Try to avoid the temptation to hunker down and think of Winter as something to make it through, so that you can get back to summer. It is a wonderful time of year and it’s filled with lots of exciting dates and big events. If you, like many people, start to flag after summer leaves, make an effort to do positive things; hang out with friends, go on lunch dates, work out at the gym, or enjoy strolls in the park.


Why Cosy Homes Make Happy Homeowners

The importance of being prepared for winter should not be underestimated. As human beings, we’re very sensitive to environment and we need the right kind of spaces, at the right times. Give your home some love and attention as summer departs and you’ll notice that your mood and outlook on life will benefit too.

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