8 Useful Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Headphones Could Do

Everyone who owns iPhone probably has “EarPods” earphones by apple. Maybe you are using the always but you never knew that you can a lot of things with them. These earphones can actualy do a lot more things and that is why they are unique. In fact, many people use them every day and are unaware of just how robust the three-button control system is. These commands are useful and they are not hard to be learned and will really help you a lot.
Take a look below and enjoy!

Play Or Pause

Just you need to tapp the center button once will play, pause, or resume a song from your music app or a video



Double-tap the center button to skip to the next song.2source

Go Back

Click the center button three times to return to the beginning of the track or go back to the previous song.



Double-click and hold the center button on the last click4source


Triple-click and hold the center button on the third click to rewind


Answer Call

click the center button once to take it


Hold And Accept Call

If you receive a call while already engaged in another, click the center button once to hold your current call and answer the second one. Hold the center button for about two seconds to ignore the second caller while staying on the line with your current call.7source

Hang Up

Tap the center button once while you are in a call


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