9 Pictures That Prove Everything You Know is a Lie

Dear friends we do not want to tell you that the whole life you live in a lie just we want to give you a few images that prove that a lot of things around us are not presented like they really should be. So there are a few pictures that will prove that a lot of everyday things maybe are lies.
Take a look and enjoy!

1.Department stores’ impeccable towel stacking? It’s a scam.

tq 1 source

2.100% pure squeezed orange juice?! The LIES!

tq 3 source

3.Never trust your eyes, ever, ever again.

tq 5 source

4.Cup of noodles? More like HALF cup of noodles!

tq 7 source

5.Twinkies CAN rot!

tq 8 source

6.Subway $5 foot-long sandwiches aren’t actually a foot long!

tq 9 source

7.Medium? Large? The only difference is the price!

tq 10 source

8.Just because your chocolate syrup says “+ calcium,” doesn’t mean it actually has calcium in it.

tq 11 source

9.Think teachers read your whole answer to those open response questions? Think again!

tq 12 source

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