9 Times The Jetsons Totally Predicted The Future

This is one of our favorite cartoons and i’m sure that you also love this movie. The jetsons. I wish i have at least half of their gadgets but wait a minute do we have it right now?
So there are a few photos below that are the prove that the Jetsons has actually predicted the future. Take a look below and enjoy!


With FaceTime and Skype, to name a few of the more recent video chat platforms (not to mention the slightly pervy and NSFW ones like Chatroulette and Omeagle), the video chat feature shown in The Jetsons has totally come true.


Talking alarm clocks

But we also have talking phones: Siri; who doesn’t just talk but who somewhat has her own personality and an ample amount of sass.


Personal flying vehicles

the first one might be available in a couple years but they might show up for delivery in the next decade


Dog treadmills

Well, there was a treadmill on The Jetsons for that and there’s now a treadmill in real life for your pup.


Robot vacuums

Maybe you are watching this already in your house too. They are available everywhere right now


A watch that entertains you with TV

Even though the screen is too small to actually truly enjoy your favorite show, it’s still pretty awesome that this even exists6source

Tanning beds


A tablet that showcases the daily news


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