It looks Like They Sitting On A Normal Patio But When They Stand Up? Something Awesome

For all of you that have a big backyard and that love to had completely enjoyment and to create something unique in the backyard we found the right idea and inspiration.
What you think about 2 things in one or actually what you think about patio and under the patio a cool swimming pool for a great summer days and for a best relaxation for you and for you loved ones. I m sure that we all dream about have a swimming pool in our homes but watching this video below now i dream of having something just like in the video.A great invention and very very creative. This genius design means you can save space in your garden and only reveal the pool when you want to use it. The user can set the pool to a range of depths depending who will be using it. You could have a simple splash pool for little ones, a paddling pool for slightly older children and a full depth pool for adults! Take a look at the video and enjoy!



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