Bespoke Stone Masonry for Memorial Headstones

Headstones are among some of the most culturally transcending pieces of burial artwork in the world. This is especially true of bespoke headstones. Memorial stones that can actually tell viewers for centuries to come something about the person buried there are both beautiful and charming in their own special way, and these days there are more options than ever to commemorate the life of someone dear to you.

Traditional headstones are usually a stone rectangular slab with the departed’s name and the years they lived carved into the face. Bespoke headstones can be made into a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes according to your wishes. Headstones in a beautiful, vibrant colour, with, possibly, a message of love engraved deep into it, or a carved design of your choosing etched and moulded right into the memorial headstone by David M Gibson, a man with twenty-five years of experience with stone carving and manufacture, would certainly go a long ways to commemorating the deceased’s life.

What kind of headstones can I get?

This is a common question, and can be answered with another one: what kind of headstone would you like? Headstones can be free-standing, buried, statuesque, or even classical in design. A common buried headstone consists of a flat or tiered slab of stone being buried with just the face of the headstone protruding from the earth, allowing people to read the inscription.

A free-standing headstone is a stone that stands erect from the ground, making a grand statement to all those who visit. These stones can be shaped in any way you desire: a rounded-over top or squared? A decorative capstone, perhaps? Or an etched design next to the identifier? The choice is yours.

Statuesque headstones are oftentimes monuments to the dead. Often marking the burial plot of an old family or particularly important individual, statues stand upon pedestals which bears the name of the deceased, often along with an epitaph and other inspirational sayings.

The classical design is actually many in one. The most basic is a simple standing stone with a squared top. From there, the top can be modified to a pointed, rounded, sloped, or step design. When it comes to the sides of the classic headstone, you can have Greek columns,  carved ivy, roman pillars – with the bespoke headstone, the design possibilities are virtually endless.

Inscriptions are always a possibility on a bespoke headstone. Something with meaning to the deceased or for their loved ones who were left behind, or even with humor for future generations. After all, what better and more necessary place to find humor than in a graveyard? Life achievements are also a good choice for an epitaph, to let others know what kind of person it was who lies before them.

You should also give careful consideration to the font and style of the epitaph or identifier. Classically, the lettering would be large, block-cut styles which were easy to see and simple for a stonemason to carve. DM Gibson, however, can do complex styles and calligraphy in the headstone itself—beautiful, sweeping curves of letters or numbers. For a minor example, what looks better to your eye?


Or this: Here Lies Meridith Josephine Watson

Do you see the difference?

Each person’s life is unique, their pasts a book anyone would be happy to sit down and read. With a bespoke headstone, they can be remembered for years to come with a headstone as interesting as they were, and an inscription written with love for all time.

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