She Rubs A Strange Homemade Goo All Over Her Car. The Result? I’ve Got To Do This!

Hey friends how many times you have difficulties when you tried to clean your keyboard or some other tight place with junk in it. If you think that using a compressed air you have the solution you are completely wrong because this way only put the dust and all junk from one to another place. There is another better and easy solution. Remember playdough, as a kid? A similar goop-like substance is now being used as a household cleaner and the most amazing think is that that you can make this cool and very useful cleaner at home conditions and on the easiest way.
This homemade goop is very useful when you need to take care of smudges or crumbs in areas such as the console in your car.

To make this amazing DIY Cleaning Goop you will need

1 measuring cup

1 cup warm water

1/2 tsp Borax Laundry Booster



1 mixing bowl

5 ounces clear or white school glue

favorite food coloring

1/2 cup water

Now watch the video and learn how to make this magical and useful cleaner

 via Sea Lemon

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8 years ago

I really need to try this!

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