Brilliant: 1000s Of Handmade Paper Flowers Cover The Streets Of Alentejo, Portugal

The Flowers’ Festival also known as People’s Festival is back to the streets after 4 years in Campo Maior in Alentejo, Portugal (22-30 August). The most important part of this festival is how much effort people put in it. You’ll be dazzled by the art of paperwork at every corner you turn. Everything is so astonishing and amazing. The residents had worked on this masterpiece for 4 months (only??). By looking up to the sky, through the countless paper flowers you could see the effort and the great work that they have done. Watch below and enjoy!

ep 2 source

ep 3 source

ep 4 source

ep 5 source

ep 6 source

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ep 9 source ep 10 source ep 11 source ep 12 source ep 13 source ep 14 source

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