This 12 Year Old Boy Accidentally Punches Hole In Million-Dollar Painting

What is the worst thing that could happen to everyone during the visit of the museum. This 12-year-old boy  just did one and it was so so bad definitely. He smashed a hole in a million dollar painting!

Like everyone at the museum at this time this boy was at an exhibit at a museum in Taipei, when his foot caught on a corner and he stumbled, losing his balance.
While falling he stuck his hand right through a Paolo Porpora painting called Flowers, which is (was?) valued at $1.5 million!! What you will do if your kid did this? Watch below what he did.


This is  A close-up view of the puncture in the canvas

punches-boy-painting-priceless-museum-trips-paolo-porpora-1Photograph: TST Art of Discovery Co


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