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These 2 Hackers Prove That They Can Control Every New Car From Home

The Us hackers said that they need only lap top or phone and they can fully control the new cars. The experiment was done with Andy Greenberg, a writer with tech website Wired, who drove the Jeep Cherokee on public roads in St Louis, Missouri. While he was driving he described how the air vents started blasting out cold air …

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What car should I rent for a trip around Melbourne

Have you decided to explore the beautiful Australian city of Melbourne and its surroundings using a rented car? That’s a good choice, since public transport wouldn’t offer you as many good opportunities as a car – first of all this includes freedom to make decisions on the fly and freedom to choose your destination. You can hit the open road …

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5 Most Expensive Luxury Motorhomes In the World

If you are extremely rich Dubai is the place where you should go if you want to feel normal. It is the city where the police drive super cars, and the government prohibits driving poor people to do on the road congestion. If it is not too surprising, then the information, that the most expensive RV information model in the …

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Spectacular Luxury Yachts Around The World

Glamour, indoor pool, aquarium even a floating garage are one of the parts that can be found of this extra luxury Yachts. The cost of this miracles are huge but every lux there is completely enjoyment. Take a look below how is looking these unbelievable yachts and enjoy. 1. CRN mega yachts source 2. Tropical Island Paradise source 3. Diamonds Are Forever source

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