Porsche’s New Luxury Electric Bike

Porsche isn’t a company you’d expect to see in the electric bicycle market, but this year’s entry of the Taycan Cross Turismo EV into the automotive market is being accompanied by the release of 2 new street bike models with electric motors. Porsche already makes some high quality sport bikes for dedicated riders, and the design of these ebike models …

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Pushing the boundaries of design in hybrid superyachts

In today’s increasingly environmentally-conscious world, discerning superyacht clients are not only looking for high performance, cutting-edge design, and luxurious interiors, they are also demanding sustainability in their new-built yachts.  For an example of outstanding and unique design, look no further than hybrid superyacht M/Y ARTEFACT, built by the famed German shipyard Nobiskrug. M/Y ARTEFACT:  Exquisite Design for a Hybrid Superyacht …

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Reefer Trailer

5 Reasons to Buy a Reefer Trailer and not a Reefer Truck

Investing in a refrigerated truck or trailer is a big decision. However, the limitations of a refrigerated truck should not be overlooked. If you’re planning to expand your business by managing your own shipping, a trailer will allow you more room to grow your business. Volume A refrigerated truck will allow up to 26 linear feet of trailer space and …

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How to Deal with Car Trouble While Traveling

The longer you have your license and drive a vehicle, the more likely it is you’ll deal with car trouble at some point. Hopefully, the problem will be something relatively minor, like a flat tire, and not something more severe, like the battery dying or another vehicle plowing into you. If you have car trouble while traveling, though, that can …

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pick up truck

Should You Lease a Pickup Truck?

The decision to buy or lease a new vehicle hinges on a number of key factors. Moreover, the financial advantages of each of those choices can vary according to your particular circumstances. This is particularly true when it comes to pickup trucks because they have some considerations that won’t necessarily come into play with cars. So, should you lease a …

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Five Superb Yachts for Sale with Price Reduction

Everyone appreciates getting the best possible deal, no matter their price range or what they are buying. Price reductions are always attractive, which is why any scouring the market will be delighted to discover these new yachts and catamarans for sale at lower prices. If you are tempted by any of the below, reach out to a broker for luxury …

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3 Alternatives To Buying An RV

RVs are a popular way for people to camp and travel.  Traveling in an RV and seeing the countryside is an extremely popular family vacation.  You can see a lot, spend time together and take time with each other.  However, buying an RV is a huge expense that is quite an investment for a young family.  It also takes up …

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Filtration System of the Car

Filter car parts are of multiple types which greatly depend upon the specific needs of the car owners to meet with their specific objectives to use for their cars on behalf of the authentic resources. EU-spares -Parts catalog -Filters car parts, Filters A-Z, Air filter, Automatic transmission filter, Filter set, Filter, fuel pump, Fuel filter, Holder, air filter housing, Hydraulic …

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