This Video Will Be Probably The Best 90 Seconds Of Your Day, Definitely!

Hey everybody here is one very cool article i.e video that will definitely change your mood after watching it.
let this little 90-second video make your day and free you from all stresses and all negative energy that you maybe have it, or just watch it for fun. It is a very cool video very interesting and creative and it is also homemade. Chris Knutson found out that he will be dad and he decided to create this beautiful video capturing how anxious he felt about the arrival of the baby. In this stop-motion masterpiece,can be seen a cute teddy bear finding a positive pregnancy test, assembling the crib and preparing the baby room, and finally anxiously expecting the arrival of the baby at the door. A wonderful gift from a father to his family and very very cute isn’t it?
So watch the video now, we are sure that this 90 seconds will be the best part of your day. Enjoy!

source BabyCop

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