Wonderful DIY Easter Gift, Yarn Easter Eggs With Chocolate Trapped Inside

The big holiday Easter is already here and have you thought about making some cool DIY project that could be a wonderful surprise for your loved ones and that is unique? If you are looking for idea that you are on the right place. For today we have something special for you. DIY project – Tutorial that will impress you and that is easy to make but in the same time very unique. String Easter eggs is such a fun and simple craft. You need some string/yarn/thread, a small balloon, a small prize to put inside your ‘egg,’ and equal parts water and sugar. You are also going to need something to mix the sugar/water in and something to pop your balloon with. Check the photos with steps below and enjoy!



Step 1: What You Will Need


Material:Small water balloons (I was lucky to find balloons that were roughly the same size and shape as real eggs)Crochet thread/ embroidery thread/ yarn/string etc.Chocolate, small toys or trinkets to place inside eggsEqual parts granulated sugar and water


  • Pin, fine scissors and tweezers
  • Measuring cup, cooking pot, and spoon for stirring
  • Optional: pump for blowing up balloons
Step 2: Making the Sugar Mixture

4To make the sugar mixture:

  • Measure equal parts granulated sugar and water and place in a cooking pot on the stove. I used a quarter cup of each which was more than enough.Best to use refined sugar, I only had organic sugar at home which wasn’t a pure white which may have coloured the yarn a bit darker.
  • Bring to a boil stirring constantly.
  • When sugar is completely dissolved remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • Pour into a shallow container.

 Egg with Yolk

5 6

Egg White

7 8

Chocolate Egg

9Stretch the opening of the balloon and stuff you chocolate or item inside, I was able to fit two small chocolate eggs.

Inflate the balloon and tie the end tightly

Proceed to wrap the balloon with sugared thread

Once the egg has dried, approximately 24hrs later.  Grab on to the end of the balloon and pop it with a pin 10full tutorial on instructables.com

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