Fresh Eggs Salads That You Would Love To Make After Easter

Salads are super healthy and they should be on your daily menu. Plus, now that’s spring and the veggies have grown you haven’t got an excuse anymore. If you want to add an extra flavor and some proteins to your salad then you are definitely looking for some eggs in your salad. Go for the healthy variations and boil them instead of frying them. Do you know why these salads are great for this time of the year? you are probably left with tons if eggs from Easter and there isn’t a better way to eat them rather than having them in a salad. These Fresh Eggs Salads That You Would Love To Make After Easter so you will use the left eggs in a good way are totally amazing. Check pout the recipes and make your picks!

Garden-Fresh Chef Salad

If you have your own garden it’s time to use your produce to make a wonderful fresh salad combined with some boiled eggs. This salad will make your stomach full, so this is a great alternative for a meal. Eat your veggies differently and feel amazing at the same time.


Quick Nicoise Salad

25 minutes are more than enough to make this delicious salad. If you are a fan of tuna you may want to check the ingredients and add it into your salad this time together with some eggs (use the ones that you are left from Easter during this period of the year).


Cioppino-Mixed Green Salad

If you plan to invite some friends over for a fresh salad and show off your cooking skills in a healthy way, check out how to make this salad. The ingredients will get you enough salad for 10 servings and you will be able to make it in less than 20 minutes.


Grandma’s Spinach Salad

If you want to skip meat and eat more healthy skip the bacon. Layer the ingredients, drizzle with some dressing and add the bacon on top! Repeat the layers to give it a more appealing look and feel free to photograph it and brag on the social medias.


Swiss Cobb Salad

It’s spring time and that means that lettuce is the best during this season. See how to make this salad and enjoy it to the best!


BLT Chicken Salad

Chicken, eggs and some veggies make a wonderful combo and I’m really looking forward to making it really soon.

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