He Pours White Vinegar Inside His Toilet Tank. When He Flushes… BRILLIANT Result

Dear friends and homeowners and every clean freaks. To make your home sparkle is really one of the hardest task that you can get when it comes about your home. Maybe this is why the most people hate this process. But honestly we not agree with this. And we think that the cleaning can be easy and funny thing if you learn the right tips and hakcs.
If you want to learn some impressive hacks and tips you are on the right place. No we want to share with you some clever tips to help you clean your washroom.

These cleaning tricks include:

Cleaning your mirrors with newspapers and tea
Removing water stains on fixtures with the acid from lemons
Washing nasty toothbrush holders and soap dispensers in the dishwasher
Using vinegar to clean the toilet
Keeping your toilet brush clean by adding all-purpose cleaner to the holder.

Watch the video below to see al these impressive hacks. Enjoy


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