He Puts A Plastic Tube In A Pot of Dirt! The Results After A Few Weeks Are Truly Amazing!

As the spring is coming we are getting more and more inspired by the colors, and flowers. This are the main things that associate me about the spring. I love flowers and especially if they are grown on the unique way. If you are about to make some new DIY refreshment in your home in the spirit of flowers, string and colorful life than you will love these idea below. This charming DIY flower tower can spruce up your yard and your balcony sure if it big enough to have place for this thing. If you want to learn an easy way how to make it check out below and enjoy!

Your Supplies

You will need a large pot with gravel in the bottom to set the tower, a section of wire fencing to form the tower, drainage tile to place in the middle of the pot so it can be self-watering, potting soil and a brown tarp with plastic tie straps. Then you’ll need to pick out your favorite flowers for the finishing touch.


The first step is to cut the wire fencing to form the tower frame that will sit in the pot.


Then cut the drainage tile to stretch from the bottom of the pot to the top of the tower. Seal off the bottom with duct tape so it holds in water.


Set the drainage tile in the middle of the tower and add the gravel or rock in the bottom. Be sure to fill the drainage tile with water every three to four days


Insert The Tarp And Fill With Soil

Take the brown tarp and cut it to fit the inside of the tower. It’s job is to hold in the soil. Use the plastic tie strips to hold the tarp in place. Then pack in the potting soil or other mixture and fill it to the top of the tower.


So it is time to start planting

The best method for doing this is to cut a horizontal slice in the tarp and then a vertical slice up from the horizontal cut to form an upside down T.  Be sure to poke on through to the drainage tile, so the plant has direct access to water. Space out the flowers you plant all around the tower at least a few inches apart. 6source

Once the flowers grow, they’ll fill in the initial gaps and create a fully bloomed, beautiful flower tower.


Perfect decoration for your backyard, balcony and so on


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