He Sticks Nails Into A Lemon. What Happened Seconds Later? Really Unbelievable!

If you love to spend your time in nature if you are adventurers and like to camping than you would love this unbelievable trick. So maybe they say when someone give you lemons you should make lemonade but definitely the man in the video will show you how when someone give you a lemon to make a fire.
So maybe it seems weird when you read this but this is definitely truth and the tricks is so easy and simple. it really blew my mind.
First, you create a row of copper nails, and then another row of zinc nails about half an inch away from the copper row. Next, you simply connect wires between the nails to start a chemical reaction. Using a wire on the end nails to create a positive and a negative end, you’ve just created a five-volt battery!

All you need is
A lemon
Six copper clips
Six zinc nails
Steel wool
Watch below and enjoy!


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