He Taped Tennis Balls Inside A Shoe Closet! The Reason? Absolutely Genius!

Dave Hax brings another video that is bound to make your life a little easier. He has make a review of one amazing and very useful new product- Sugru. Actually this is one new super glue that is different from the other with endless possibilities. Sugru, a moldable glue, is as easy to work and very very useful. You can shape it to your liking, and after 12 hours it will turn into a smooth, harden, yet flexible material that will not budge!
The explanation of this wonderful characteristic of this super glue are pretty simple: It reacts to oxygen. It begins hardening once you tear open the package, and seeing how it takes a long time to do so, it gives you plenty enough to do with it. You can use it to customize your keys, sealing shoe holes, making toothbrushes (and other items) hooks, it can pretty much attach to anything and any type of surface! Watch the video below and see this awesome product that you need right now for your home.


via DaveHax

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8 years ago


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