He Rubs Toothpaste On His Headlights. The End Result? Surprising!

Taking care about your car is very very important for your safety and sure for your pleasure because if you drive your car you like it and you want to keep it always clean and always in a good condition.
When we talk about cleaning maybe the good weather outside is perfect for make a new a deep cleaning for your car.
Cloudy yellowed headlights are worst! Not only they are away from the aesthetics of your vehicle, they can also make driving at night extremely dangerous. Headlight restoration can cost from 50$ to 150$ in store, but why spending money when you can do it with materials that you already have in your bathroom? Cheap and easy with this tutorial below you will learn a new clever method for cleaning your headlights. Watch below and enjoy!restoreheadlightswithtoothpaste

via ChrisFix

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