Incredible End Table Made Of 2 Old Pallets

Hey dear friends! Are you ready to learn how to build your own amazing table in just 2 hours? Yes you read right! You will need only 2 hours and you will get your end table ready for use. The best material for making this kind of furniture are the old pallets. For instance thay can be easily transformed into cozy furniture. Wooden pallets can be really fantastic DIY furniture pieces. Instructables user NatalieL 2 is showing us how to make something creative. Likewise, she crafted something really impressive from old pallets. Check out below and see step by step how that can be made.Watch how she made this end table in just 2 hours.

Firstly, you should know that wooden pallets are treated with chemicals to be weather resistant. If you want to make interior furniture, you must first sand and varnish it, so as not to pollute the air. And most importantly, place pallet furniture away from the fireplace to avoid the risk of fire.

Firstly, she took apart two old pallets, and got rid of the nails and sanded them down.


Secondly, she started making the legs. She cut the cross pieces in half to give her the height she wanted. She used only 8 of the 12 pieces that were produced.


To make the tabletops, she cut 3 boards in half. She kept their length narrow, so that they could fit next to her bed.


Finally, she cut an additional four smaller pieces, and screwed them together to make a box. Then she make the legs of the table. Each of them are attached to the inside corners of the caps with screws.


At the end, she even created a second cap.

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Here it is after it’s been stained.


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