He Took An Old Pallet And Made This In Just 2 Hours. Incredible!

Hey dear friends are you ready to learn how to build your own amazing end table in just 2 hours. Yes you read right you will need only 2 hours free time and you will get your end table ready for use.
And you know what is the best material for making those kind of furniture it is a old pallets that can be easily transformed into rally fantastic DIY furniture pieces.
Instructables user NatalieL 2 completely saw the advantage in making use of unused, unwanted pallets. She crafted something really impressive something lovely and surprising. Watch how he made this end table in just 2 hours and enjoy.

First, she took apart two pallets, and made sure to rid them of nails and sanded them down.


Than she starts making the legs. She cut the cross pieces in half to give her the height she wanted. She only used 8 out of the 12 pieces that were produced


To make the tabletops, she cut 3 boards in half. She kept their length narrow so that they could fit next to her bed


She cut an additional four smaller pieces, and screwed them together to make a box, Then she makes the legs of the table were each attached to the inside corners of the caps by screws.


She even created a second cap

5source 6source

Here it is after it’s been stained.


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