Amazing And Easy Way How To Build A Beautiful Wooden Deck With Pallets

Hey friends, once more we give you amazing prove that DIY pallet furniture is a must-try if you think about adding some budget-friendly home refreshments. The final result from reusing a pallet always makes me a pleasant surprise.
When I see the presented DIY pallet project below on the redoredux-fairway i was really really impressed. I want to do this at my house too.
They had a genius idea for creating a cool and perfect-looking front porch from old pallets. I think that it is an easy process and every effort is effective and definitely worth the final results. See the process and the final result below and enjoy!

Here is how the front porch was looking before


 Took the pallets apart and de-nailed the boards


Than planed them

The planning process revealed beautiful wood of all kinds – all hardwoods, some of them exotic


Build a ‘jig’ – a frame to help get every one of the 36″ squares exactly the same size. They put together 18 36″ squares using that jig, then added support boards to each one, then attached the resultant squares to the porch – leveling as we went.


Almost Done

5source 6source

Finish the wood with a dark walnut stain

And if you are in a dilemma to choose the best wooden deck stain you can always search some review articles on the internet. 

7source 8source

with leftover pallet wood, they built a small deck/step leading up to the front porch


And here is the final version

10source 11source

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