Here’s How Scam Artist Can Make Dangerous Old Tires Look Brand New Again!

Anyone who owns the car has the dilemma about choosing the right tyres for the vehicle how to choose the best one and sure everything depends from the budget. Usually a decent quality new tires can easily set you back $500. Used tires on the other hand, can actually be a very cheap alternative and they usually have a lot of life left in the tread. They can be a good alternative unless you get scammed from some scam expert like this one in the video.

He starts by taking a really old tyre which is worn out and clearly used. He then removes the strips on the tyre before he re-grooves it using a specialist tool. This makes the worn out grooves look brand new again, and by the end, the tyre looks a little dusty but other than that, you would never have guessed that it has been used before. When we saw the vide we were truly shocked. What about you. Maybe some idea how to get rid of being scammed on this way?

 Jorski Pappa

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