How to Plan a Perfect Wedding on a Budget

Weddings are one of the most important events in your life. It is not only a special day where you start your own family with your beloved, but it is also your fairytale moment that most people have fantasized to live ever since the idea of marriages hit them. Unfortunately, dreamy weddings tend to drive deep holes in pockets. Regardless of money, all of us have a right to make beautiful memories with a wedding. Here are a few tips that can help you plan the perfect wedding on a budget.

Start Early

Unless you find yourself in a very unlikely situation where you have to get married within a week, it is a major blunder to procrastinate with your wedding planning. A wedding is not merely about slipping on your gown, walking down the altar, and saying your vows. It is an intimate yet social event that marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life and requires attention toward many little details. Things can get super messed up if you have budget constraints too. The most rational way is to start your wedding planning as soon as you decide on a date. Early planning can buy you a lot of time to figure out your options, research the vendors, and avail promotions to save on your pocket.

Set a Budget

Now that you have started with your wedding planning, make sure to define a budget that you are willing to spend. This is very important because a wedding can be a very expensive event to pull off, therefore you need to know how much you can afford. When defining your budget, list all cost heads that you need to fund such as wedding gown, bridesmaids, stylists, photographers, caterers, etc.

Make Lists

Making lists will keep you more organized and will help you take your wedding preparations in a more hassle-free manner. Make lists of all tasks that need to be done, of vendors that you have interviewed and shortlisted, of venues that would be available on your dates, and so on. That will help you have your backup plans if something does not work out and will help you decide between the options more easily. Moreover, there are fewer chances of missing out on important things when you have listed everything.


Guests and Invites

You can have hundreds of guests at your wedding or you can keep it super intimate. Although it is entirely your call, the more cost effective option is to have an intimate wedding with a dreamy setup. Invest more in having the best photographs and a memorable wedding gown than entertaining distant acquaintances that you barely come across in months. Invite fewer guests and make your event a cherish-able memory for them. With fewer guests, you can make your invites more special by adding a Save the Date keepsake to remind them of your big day. If you are on a tight budget, Save the Date magnets are an amazing option to add to the invites.

Venue and Menu

Decide whether you want a regular church wedding or a destination wedding such as a beach. It is important to decide beforehand because outdoor weddings such as beach weddings might affect your choice of dress and styling. If you want a fancier venue and décor, and you have a limited budget, it would be a good idea to go with a simpler menu rather than a seven-course extravagant meal.


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