Interesting: This Is What Will Happen If You Try Popular Pinterest Fashion Hacks

We have been shared a lot of hacks with you but never got an idea to try them and to share the results. Still the idea is not ours but we are so happy that someone has remind and has share the end results of trying the popular fashion hacks. Thanks to buzzfeed below you can find out what will happen if you try the most popular fashion hacks. Take a look and enjoy.

1. Unshrink clothing with baby shampoo

You’ll need: baby shampoo.

xm 1 source

Add a capful of baby shampoo to a sink filled with lukewarm water. Let it soak for a few minutes to ~loosen da fibers~, and then gently squeeze out without rinsing.

xm 4 source

Then, lay the garment flat on a large towel and roll it up to soak up the extra moisture. Here’s the hard part: You have to stretch the clothing back to its original size as it dries.

xm 7 source

Here’s how it turned out:

xm 8 source

This hacks worked!

2.Free a stuck zipper with a crayon

You’ll need: a crayon.

xm 9 source

The directions were simple: color the teeth on both sides with a crayon. That part was easy, despite getting crayon dust everywhere. They added a thick coat because we figured the more wax = the easier the zipper would glide.

xm 10 source

Here’s how it turned out:

xm 11 source

This hacks worked!

3. Hide visible sweat stains with a panty liner

You’ll need: a panty liner for each underarm.

xm 12 source

For this hack, you place a panty liner on the inside of the armpit part of the shirt.

xm 15 source

Here’s how it turned out:

xm 16 source

This hacks worked!

4. Remove lipstick stain with bread

You’ll need: white bread.

xm 19 source

xm 22 source

How it turned out:

xm 23 source

This hacks didn’t worked!

5. De-pill a sweater with a razor

You’ll need: a razor.

xm 24 source

All you have to do is lay the clothing on a flat surface and gently shave the pills off the fabric making sure not to cut any seams.

xm 25 source

Here’s how it turned out:

xm 26 source

This hacks worked!

Eliminate painful hight heels with tape

You’ll need: nude medical tape.


Tape your third and fourth toe together.

grid-cell-23617-1469495245-8 grid-cell-23617-1469495247-13source

This hacks didn’t worked!

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