Command Hooks Can Be Very Useful: Here are 12 Extremely Cool Things You Can Do

Command hooks can be used in some cool and extremely useful ways that you might never thought of. One more super list of hacks that can make your life easier. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Keep toothbrushes in a medicine cabinet with small hooks turned on their sides

xn 1 source

2.Keep pot lids organized.

xn 2 source

3.Store oven mitts and hot pads.

xn 3 source

4.Make rolls of foil and plastic wrap easily accessible

xn 4 source

5.Stop kids from opening the fridge.

xn 5 source

6. Hang door wreaths with upside down hooks.

xn 6 source

7.Organize shower accessories.

xn 7 source

8.Hang baskets.

xn 8 source

9.Hang styling tools on the inside of bathroom cabinets.

xn 9 source

10.Keep trash bags in place with upside down hooks

xn 10 source

11.Hold trash bags up during long road trips.

xn 11 source

12.Hide cords behind tables.

xn 12 source

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