Is Seems Like A Roller coaster At First Glance But Actually It’s A Bridge In Japan

The engineers are genius people and they always impressed me repeat this many times because always when i see some architectural miracle i ‘ m so proud of our nation.
What you think about roller coaster experience with your own car? Yes this can be experienced in Japan in Eshima Ohashi bridge. Take a look below and enjoy!

This Bridge is connection between Matsue and Sakaiminato, it is 1.7km long and 11.3m wide.

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It is the third largest rigid frame bridge in the world.


If you see the bridge from afar it seems impossible to climb


The car looks like they would just slip and slide right back down. This height is very important for the large ships and it allows them to pass underneath.


But despite all it is a quite safe bridge and the bridge looks terrifying just because the perspective by our opinion. The pictures above are quite scary, but when seen from a different angle it looks more like an ordinary bridge with a relatively steep incline

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