Lost GoPro In Space Has Been Found 2 Years Later With Stunning Footage

Hey everyone how long to you searching your lost things? Did you give up after a one week like me? So maybe this will be a good lesson for all. Never give up! Here is the story
Bryan Chan of Stanford University sent a GoPro and a phone with a GPS tracker into the stratosphere in a high-altitude weather balloon on 8 June 2013 to gather data for his dissertation.
The GoPro captured an incredible footage of the Grand Canyon and of Earth a few miles out in the stratosphere, but they never got it because it was lost.
But the miracle has happened couple of years latter and a hiker in Arizona found the the GoPro in the dessert near the Grand Canyon. The hiker worked for a phone company and managed to take some info from the sim card which eventually led to Bryan receiving his GoPro back, complete with immense footage of the Grand Canyon.
Watch the stunning footage below and enjoy!


via Bryan Chan

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