Serious Challenges That We Are Facing In The Modern World

When we think of world issues in 2021, to mind come climate changes, poverty, hunger, religious conflicts and wars, political polarization and so much more. But, has it ever occurred to you that excessive use of the internet can be another serious problem that we are facing in the modern world? Although the internet was cherished for its numerous benefits and advantages, it turns out that it has a great negative impact as well on the way of life we are living today. Are you a witness of false people’s values and you see people stabbing each other in the backs? That’s another challenge that has been around for a long time, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

The illustrations below will show you some of the challenges we are confronting in this digital era and the modern world that we are not even aware of. Who knows, maybe you will stop and think for a while whether you are living the life you want, or you are a victim of the internet and modern technology, and the false values that they are imposing.

Excessive Use Of The Digital Technology

You have to become conscious when the recreational use of the internet progresses into daily use and then into consequential use and stop on time. Are you so hooked on your mobile phone that you can’t even put it aside when you are on a date? Sadly, this is a common sight on many date nights nowadays.

modern world dates

False People Values

false friends

Modern World Parenting

This is such a sad illustration that reflects many homes and families. Parents are using their smartphones so often throughout the day that they often forget to sit down with their kids and have meaningful conversations.

raising kids in digital era

Different Perspectives On The World

Have you caught yourself staring at your phone that you often miss some truly beautiful sights around you? Maybe it’s time you put it in your pocket when you go out in order to enjoy the surroundings more.

modern world perspectives

Modern World Prisoners

Yes, this illustration perfectly describes how mankind has become tied to the chargers and the internet. This is such a wonderful comparison right here!

prisoners in the modern world

Beauty Standards Gone Wrong

The selfie photographs are all over the internet, and it seems like girls are competing who will look more beautiful and thinner, who will have better makeup, or who will be dressed better. They can influence other girls into taking up some unhealthy habits that will help them lose weight in order to reach these beauty standards which have gone wrong in so many ways.

modern world values gone wrong

Internet Addiction

What’s your internet addiction? Do you constantly reach for your phone anytime a notification ding? Have you caught scrolling an application for no reason? If yes, you should definitely take something about it and restrict your daily use of that certain app. Find other things that you love to do and spend some quality time rather than just staring at your screen.

modern world diseases

Childhood Challenges

If kids enjoyed the outdoors more in the past years, now we can see them trapped in their homes in front of their phones or computers. Have you noticed them using their devices when they are outside as well?

change of lifestyle

Modern World Date Night

digital world challenges

Modern Wolrd Hanging Out

technology issues today

Destruction Of Nature

We have to mention that it’s not just the internet one of the biggest modern world challenges that we are facing nowadays. The destruction of nature is another serious problem that needs to be addressed and taken care of.

world problems 2021

Modern World Family Life

If this photo isn’t describing your life, it means that you are one of the lucky ones who aren’t affected by the use of digital technology and the internet. So many families are barely having conversations with each other, and they have become so distant and cold. Everyone is living their own digital life without actually taking care of the family values and the quality time spent together.

modern family issues

Social Media Effects

Unfortunately, people are liking and appreciating girls that are posing more than art pieces that are done by talented artists. Everyone is obsessed with the number of likes, and obviously, they are not going to the right place.

digital society problems

Modern World Addiction

internet addiction

Physical Look Concerns

Has the internet made you question the way you look and you have started thinking about getting corrections? Don’t let it have an impact on the way you perceive yourselves, let alone make surgeries that will help you get look artificial.

beauty standards gone wrong

Childhood Challenges

Childhood is not the same as it was in the past, and children are so challnaged to live happy lives with the appearance of modern technology. They don’t entertain themselves with toys, they don’t play games outside anymore. All they do is chatting without speaking a word.

modern worlds problems

Are you facing some of these modern world challenges? Would you like to change yourselves in a certain direction?

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