She Had No Idea Why Her Baby Was Sick. Then Removed The Top Off His Sippy Cup And Found Something Unreal!

There are pictures of circling around the global network that some baby bottles i.e sippy cups in themselves have hidden risk.
A mum who has been worried, raised the question why all the time her baby is constantly sick.
But when she opened the bottle – sippy cup and took off part of the cap that prevents it from flowing bottle, found something very terrible.
The whole cap was covered with mold.
Just a few parents open the cover this way to rinse the sippy cup thoroughly.
From the factory for child accessories said that their products are totally reliable if they are maintained and cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.
Parents check the bottles of your children if you have not washed thoroughly, they could be a potential source of disease.


Check the photos and the story in the video below.


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