The most suitable jewellery for New Year’s Day

TOP1: 3D hard gold

  1. Wear-resistant and durable 3D hard gold using advanced manufacturing technology, greatly improving the hardness of gold, overcoming the shortcomings of low hardness, easy to wear, difficult to maintain fine patterns of traditional gold jewelry, making 3D hard gold jewelry more resistant to bumps, not easy to deform, not easy to scratch, wear more durable.
  2. Styles are diverse, stylish and generous because of the improvement of hardness, 3D hard gold jewelry are also more styles, three-dimensional sense is stronger, the color is more dazzling, the style can be more refined and diverse.
  3. Good for body. 3D hard gold jewelry and skin are always in a frictional form that promotes blood circulation in the body, so the benefits of wearing gold jewelry can also reduce the chance of skin infection.
  4. 3D hard gold craft jewelry, three-dimensional sense strongly, exquisite, lightweight, the same volume of jewelry weight is only 1/3 of the traditional hard gold, 3D hard gold can be cast into a vacuum style, to create a super large gold effect, and incorporate stylish, cute elements, and more decorative effects. The cute 3D hard gold pendant of the dog pattern, bracelet, exquisite and compact, stylish and generous, but also prosperous, certainly very popular with everyone, send to lover, send to friends, send to baby, all are very suitable. Peony, flowers and birds, happiness and health and other 3D hard gold jewelry with rich and auspicious patterns are suitable for the elders.

TOP2: Silver Jewelry

  1. Send silver ornaments to the elders can prolong life, but also rheumatism. Modern medicine believes that: silver can sterilize anti-inflammatory, detoxification and health, prolong life, long-term use, can play a role in accelerating metabolism and enhancing resistance. Silver products can generate magnetic fields within a certain range, release a large amount of silver ions, stimulate energy, and have health care effects on the human body.
  2. The legend said that wearing silver ornaments can ward off evil, Roman aristocratic family daily use sterling silver spoon to feed the baby, not only because silver is a symbol of wealth, but also that this can eliminate the disease and drive the devil, keep the child safe. Therefore, since ancient times, there has been a custom of letting children wear silver ornaments. Baby wearing silver cheap custom jewelry find here is also conducive to the elimination of “fetal toxicity” in the body, and grow healthier. While sterling silver bracelets and sterling silver long life locks are an expectation for adults, a love, a kind of protection.
  3. Send silver ornaments to women have a lot of benefits (1) soothe the nerves to help sleep. Nowadays, women are getting more and more pressure. They have to work independently and take care of children and family members. Insomnia has become a major trouble for them. Silver jewelry can effectively alleviate insomnia, put on bracelets, massage the insomnia of the arm and naturally heal. (2) Silver is the best metal for poisoning. The human body emits some “toxins” every day. The sterling silver jewelry can absorb these “toxins”. This is also the reason why some people wear silver ornaments to turn black, and the anti-oxidation of silver ornaments. The persistence of sex and luster is related to the individual’s physique. People with good physical fitness will wear more and more bright, and if the body is weaker, the silverware may soon become black, so wearing sterling silver jewelry often helps toxins are discharged from the body.

TOP3: 18K gold

1.Comfortable to wear, cost-effective, usually more than 60% of gold jewelry is not easy to cause skin allergies, so 18K gold purity is 750 ‰, moderate purity, stable and durable, is a low cost and more comfortable to wear, with very nice cost-effective.

  1. Rich in color, stylish and generous 18K gold color is very rich, it can use different formulas to meet the color preferences of various customers, such as white, yellow, rose red, etc., stylish and prominent personality, simple and not monotonous. Suitable for all ages, skin color, hair style consumer groups, to play a better decorative effect.
  2. Moderate hardness, a variety of shapes. The gold is very ductile, but it is too soft and the design is difficult to fix. Compared with the gold, 18K gold is harder and less prone to wear, and the style can be delicate and changeable.
  3. Good gloss, suitable for setting the gemstone 18K gold is also bright enough, so it is the first choice for many gold ornaments and gemstones.
  4. Suitable for the diamond custom name ring material 18K gold not only has a hard texture, hardness and wear resistance, can more firmly fix the diamond. And because of the combination with other metals, there are a lot of colors, the most commonly used to create diamond ring is 18K rose gold and 18K white gold, not only cheap, but also stylish and beautiful.

TOP4, jade

It means peace, wealth and evil spirits. It is most suitable for sending elders. As a traditional Chinese accessory, it is the most implied ornament. Jade is also the first choice for Chinese people to give to their parents. In particular, the older wears a jade name bracelet, or an emerald pendant carved into Guanyin and Buddha. The low-key shows the calm temperament of the older. Some bracelets, rings and brooches with good meanings can show the unique charm of jade. Generally choose jade jewelry, either look at “color” or “species.” If you send your elders, the ice-clear jade with better transparency is the best choice. It looks like a high grade. For middle-aged women jade: the color should be chosen to be deep and restrained. If conditions allowed, the green bracelet is better, and the requirements for species are higher. For the elderly female jade: older women can choose bracelets with obvious colors, such as dark green, deep floating flowers, deep oil cyan, in line with the dignified and calm temperament of older women.

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