This is Genius: Budget Friendly Above Ground Pool With Absolutely Amazing DIY Deck

As the summer is closing up more than needed is a relaxation in the pool. If you have a backyard and if you want to make a cool DIY project also to create a unique pool than you will love this idea. Also you can check this  round above ground swimming pool ideas.
The comfortable feeling you have while being in the water cannot be replaced by anything else. If you can’t afford a conventional swimming pool, build one yourself!

You will need

A market version of a swimming pool, preferably in blue or light blue color. Use pallets that are available at nearby food stores, shipping areas, nurseries, scrap piles, dumping grounds and landfill areas, to build around it the wooden deck. Unique practical and perfect looking.







A DIY Project by José Adimilson Franco

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5 years ago

Deck is fine but pool is mighty aweful and cheap.. wait til it rips apart and need to put in a new one with no space to do it lol

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