Unexpectable Fusion! See The Brands Putted On Unbelievable Manner.

There are lots of innovative and super creative designers that often surprise us with their new brilliant creations. Sometimes their creations are very useful and productive, but sometimes they are just for fun. This time we are surprised by the cleaver and unpredictable images designed by the Russian designer Ilya Kalimulin.
Ilya has tried to merge the infusible, and we are sure it is gained.

We can admit that the sense of humor and the realization of the project is on the highest level. The designer have chosen easily recognizing brands and put them in manner that nobody could imagine and expect. So, take a look to the images that are funny and surprising at the same time. Enjoy.

Bullets by M&M’s

c-1 source

Matches by Cricket



A Heineken brand fire extinguisher



Air horns by Pampers



Play rings from Google

c-5 source

Laundry soap from Chanel

c-6 source

An IKEA piano

c-7 source

An Orbit dental surgery

c-8 source

Camera lenses by Adidas

c-9 source

A cooking pot from cymbal manufacturer Zildjian

c-10 source

Rubber boots from Canon

c-11 source

Burger King sneakers

c-12 source

Contraception from Kinder Surprise

c-13 source

A Swiss army knife from baby stroller company Chicco

c-14 source

Umbrellas by Crocs

c-15 source

A Durex rubber dinghy

c-16 source

Blood supplied by Heinz

c-17 source

Gas masks by Louis Vuitton


The iToothpick

c-19 source

Cosmetics from Adobe

c-20 source

Medical containers from Dropbox

c-21 source

The McBook

c-22 source

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