Ways to Make Your Home More Disability Friendly

Mobility can be a huge challenge for those with a disability and for people as they age. With this in mind, making your home more disability friendly is a smart idea and particularly if you or somebody that you are close to struggles with mobility. Fortunately, there have been all kinds of amazing advances and developments over the years and equipment that can make mobility in the home simple and straightforward.


The bathroom is perhaps the trickiest room in the home when it comes to mobility but there are all kinds of great pieces of apparatus that can make it easy and safe to shower, bath and use the toilet. These include handles, shower seats, walk in tubs, grab bars and lift systems.


The bedroom can be another challenging area and especially the bed. Bedcaddies, body aligning wedge cushions, adjustable bed rails, safety rings and mattress lifts can make getting into and out of bed, as well as sleeping, much easier.


The kitchen can be a dangerous area of the home and especially if you have mobility problems. Adapted cutlery, nonslip products, easy to grip mugs, perching stools, kitchen trolleys and devices for easy opening can enable people to operate in the kitchen safely and with ease.


A few general household items that can make the home disabled friendly include grab rails throughout the house, reaching aids, items to make gripping and turning easier and long-handled household aids (for those that have trouble bending down).


Other ways that you can make the home more mobile include adding ramps throughout the house along with aids such as wheelchairs, stairlifts, powerchairs, walkers and canes. In addition to this, it is also worth considering buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). These excellent adapted automobiles can make transportation simple and straightforward – something that can be extremely difficult and stressful otherwise. These vehicles are available from specialists like Allied Mobility and can transform the lives of those with mobility issues.

The home can be a particularly difficult place to navigate for those with a disability or people with mobility problems. If you struggle with mobility or you know somebody that does, it is highly worth making changes to the home to make it easier and safer to navigate. This has never been easier and there are all kinds of devices for different areas of the home that will make a huge difference to the lifestyle of anyone with a mobility problem.

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