Are You Cleaning Your Mattress the Right Way?

Did you know your precious mattress is always at the receiving end? Whether it is sweat, dead skin cells, dust mites, stains or spills; they are destined to go through everything. While none of these is planned and generally can’t be prevented, investing in a mattress protector is a guaranteed way of keeping them away from directly encountering your mattress. Accidents happen, and unfortunately, they always happen when your mattress cover is in the wash.

Keeping your mattress clean and smelling fresh is the key to get a relaxed sleep every night. While everyone claims about taking good care of their mattress, sadly, no one is doing it the right way!

Here, we have rounded a few tips to take care of mattresses undoubtedly as fresh and clean as new. Are you incorporating these to keep your mattress primed to perfection?

  • Are You Vacuuming It?

Your vacuum cleaner must have got an upholstery attached. This attachment is the right tool that you need to give your mattress a cleaning session. Twitch from the top and work your way down. Don’t forget vacuuming the sides as well. Repeat, if you still see some areas with dirt. Pay close attention to seams and crevices and if required change the vacuum cleaner from attachment upholstery to crevice. Don’t flip the mattress to the other side; we’ll go there later.

  • Do You Treat the Stains Instantly?

Stains, when left untreated can cause permanent damage to the mattress. However, don’t rely on commercial products as they usually come with harsh chemicals that can damage the interior of the mattress. A simpler way is to use mild dishwashing liquid mixed with water. Stir it until it is in a bubble form and use a soft sponge to clean the affected area. Rub the sponge (dipped in bubble) in a circular motion until required; however, don’t rub too hard and be sure of using only the bubbles to clean the stain. Don’t dip the sponge into the solution.

Otherwise, you can also use a mixture of water and vinegar to treat the spots. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution evenly to the affected area and clean it with an absorbent, clean cloth. Vinegar helps in diluting the stains and soaks up unpleasant odour as well.

  • Do You Deodorize It with Baking Soda?

Baking soda is a quick-fix option when it comes to bidding goodbye to bodily smells that have started calling your mattress as their home. To give your mattress an odour-free appeal, sprinkle some baking soda on the top and use a scrub brush to rub it gently. The brush will help get baking soda to places where stink lives. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Baking soda bonds with the moisture and when you vacuum it the second time, it efficiently pulls moisture out along with other odour causing substances.

  • Do You Ever Air It Out?

Airing out your memory foam mattress is as important as covering it up with a mattress protector. To keep your mattress free from bugs and unpleasant odour, it is vital to let the mattress breathe. So, if you have a habit of quickly decking up the bed after you wake up, it’s time to change it. Why? Because when you sleep, your body releases a certain amount of sweat that is easily absorbed by the mattress. If you walk up and immediately make the bed, you are directly letting the sweat stay in the mattress forever. Furthermore, you are also setting up a favourable environment for the mites to multiply. So, after you wake up, remove the pillows and sheets, open the windows and let your mattress breathe. After an hour or two, you can make the bed and head to work.

  • Do You Have a Mattress Protector?

Buying a mattress is an investment and to make that investment last long, it makes sense to cover it up with a high-quality mattress protector. Not only does a mattress protector increases comfort but it also acts as a shield to keep the mattress away from directly encountering spills. Furthermore, it also increases the life of a mattress and helps in keeping the warranty intact. Other added benefit of a mattress protector is that it will keep the mattress feel like new for a longer duration. Remember, having a mattress without a protector is like owning an expensive smartphone without a cover and screen protector. So, just the way you keep your smartphone protected against all damages, think of doing the same for your mattress.

Most of us have a habit of turning a blind eye when it comes to keeping the mattress clean. The sheets should be cleaned every week, pillows twice a year and your precious mattress, twice a year or once every season. So, swear by these cleaning tips to give your mattress the care it needs. Furthermore, if you are still on a lookout to buy that perfect mattress for your abode, look no further than brands like Sunday Mattress who have a wide range of memory foam mattresses produced in fully automated factories in Belgium, come with a 100-nights free trial and adhere to international standards.

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