Why does it Matter if I Have Instagram Followers

In this era, often times, one’s social character is determined by social media. Our social life is judged from how big our social media accounts are, and this includes Instagram. Many Instagram followers tend to raise my self-esteem.

It gives me a sense of belonging and acceptance in the community. It shows that people agree with who I am and what I do. Although most instagram followers are strangers to me, the fact that they are on my side raises up my hopes.

It gives me a feeling of being a celebrity and having many fans like music artists, Hollywood actors or basketball players. It matters to me that I have instagram followers for many reasons. Here are a few reasons:

5 Benefits of Instagram Followers

  1.    It Improves My Social Life and Helps in Networking

Instagram followers on my account help me to socialize. I interact with my followers and get to know them better. It helps me learn how to relate with new people in my life via social media. Once I get to know my followers and we click, we schedule meetings and become good allies in real life.

It is an easy and efficient way to make friends. It also increases the likelihood of linking up with people that can help me grow in my career. I can also get people that might eventually be my business partners.

  1.    It Helps in Business

Instagram can be a site for business. I am able to post the items I sell on my Instagram account. My instagram followers will view my products and get to order and purchase them. For an account that does not have followers, it will be difficult to sell products via instagram. It has a wide scope and thus offers a good platform for business.

  1.    It Can be a Source of Income

Companies that want to sell their brand on Instagram look out for people with many followers on the platform. I can be a brand ambassador just by having many instagram followers. This is a way of earning income without the need for schooling or interviews. It also does not require moving around or working with a time plan.

  1.    It Increases My Awareness

When scrolling down my Instagram account, I get to see what my followers have posted. With many followers, I see much more compared to having little or no followers. Chances of coming across things that interest me and can be beneficial are high with many instagram followers.

  1.    It Increases Likes

To have many likes on my pictures, I need a lot of Instagram followers because they are the people that view my posts. Many likes will give me a good feeling and can do the same for anyone who loves social media. Some people wonder how to get likes on Instagram. You can buy likes if you need more likes on your Instagram posts.

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