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15 Amazing Disney Themed Recipes That Are Too Cute To Be Eaten

We love disney and all disney characters, actually who doesn’t? Looking around the internet about my favorite disney characters i found really interesting article on buzzfeed and this inspired me to create similar for you dear friends. Below you could see a collection of really amazing disney recipes that you just gotta try. They are almost too cute to be …

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10 Things You Can Freeze to Save Time and Money

There are a lot of reasons why you can freeze food and other groceries. Maybe there’s a sale and you find your lovely ingredient for a twice lower price and you can not take a bit more, also if you want to eat your meal fresh but i has been prepared earlier. Maybe you didn’t know that you could some …

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The Best Way How To Eat Right For Your Blood Type

Probably many of you have heard about the diet according to blood type. This diet is especially popular nowadays, although there are no significant studies that confirm the effects of it. In other words, this diet has the same opponents as there are supporters, but without going into who’s right, we thought it still will be interesting for you to …

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10 Super Cool Summer Fruit Hacks That Will Change Your Life

For these hot summer days we all need a refreshment. Actually who can even eat a fat food on a +40 degrees? We all use to eat something lighter that could refresh us and that will give us enough energy for the whole day. Always a good choice are the fruits like bananas, cherries, strawberries e.t.c. We are happy to …

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16 Amazingly Useful Hacks That Will Change The Way You Eat Food

Hey dear friends do you love food hacks. They are really simple but so useful and could help you really a lot. This was one of the reasons that motivate us to find and share with you some of the best food tips and hacks around the internet. Preparing, serving slicing, eating and drinking will be easy from now. Find …

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10 Most Common Ways You’re Probably Snacking Wrong Every Day

Snack or food eating between meal is most common food for all those who work long time in the office. And also this is a good way to boost your energy when you are in need. But if you choose the wrong snack foods you could end up with even worse hunger pangs and less energy than you started with. …

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