10 Absolutely Genius And Practical Jokes for April Fools’ Day

The first of April the day when everyone can make jokes with everything. They day when you can have a bit more fun than normal with your friends and colleagues. If you are in a look for some inspiration what kind of joke to make and to be the most unique than these ideas can be your guide.
Take a look below and grab some be more impressive than your friend and colleagues and enjoy in the april fools day.

Milk stain

Take a glass pane and spill some glue on it. Let the stain dry, place the glass on a laptop keyboard


Making your tap a little brighter

just put a tablet of it into the water sparger in the tap.


Post-it car

A few post stickers and a bit more work but the result is stunning 🙂


A cake or a banana?

This one is for those with a sweet tooth out there. Bake a cake in the shape of bananas and cover it with a layer of yellow hard sauce.


Blue screen of death for your ’’favorite’’ colleague

This kind of print screen will cause a cold sweat of terror for a novice user. Don’t forget to clean the Desktop of all icons and make this picture the wallpaper.


A fake Coke

Change the soft drink to soy sauce and give the bottles to your friends


The leap of terror

Before doing that, just make sure your victim isn’t holding anything fragile or easily spillable in their hands.


Is there anyone here who loves bugs?

For this prank, you will need plastic bugs and a little luck, so that your victim looks away while you sabotage their lunch.


Sharing is caring

These fake cookies are sure to get the attention of sugar lovers. Be careful not to break the cookies themselves while scraping off the filling — they should be intact for your devious plan to work.


A mouse in the house

Making a mouse is easy; take an ’’overturned’’ box and a beet-root with a ’’tail.’’ If you haven’t got a perfect beet-root, take a potato instead, and stick a small rope tail to it.


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